Misson, Values and Culture of LECMAG Magnetic Technologies

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Mission & Values & Culture

LEC Magnetic Technologies is committed to consistently providing world class quality products and service to our customers. As an innovator and trusted partner, we are dedicated to engineering solutions together.

Corporate Identity

Any enterprise to achieve and maintain a leading position in the industry, the most important thing is to determine the enterprise’s mission, know the way forward for businesses. It is also important that employees recognized the same basic values, all in the same momentum, driven by hard work, and constantly upgrade their skills, better and more efficient for the customer service. In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the establishment of the enterprise’s vision, mission, strategy and core values.

These are the essence of Our Culture – it summed up our character and our values that it represented. Silver balls are each bound by an employee, and to develop practical action.
Vision : To improve the quality of industrial products, the revitalization of national industry
Mission : to provide the needs of the customers closer to a world-class industrial products and services; lay leadership in the industry to maintain its profit growth to meet customer needs, improve the quality of staff to achieve maximum optimization at all levels.
Strategy : to the quality and credibility for the wing, innovative, stable development of demand, the pursuit of excellence, and create a core competence

·Core values
“Dao De Jing” in “Daosheng a second life, Second Health III Sansheng things” is, this is also well explained LECMAG philosophy of running enterprises. The concept of enterprise as a “Road”, “seriously, good faith cooperation, the pursuit of excellence” for the three core values of the survival and development of enterprises “everything” is. LECMAG who treat work seriously, good faith cooperation to treat customers, and always adhere to the character and products of excellence, and strive to improve the quality of industrial products, revitalize national industry and make unremitting efforts.

We firmly believe that the interests of the company solidarity with the staff, all staff are a valuable asset of the company is the company’s strength. We are all part of the company, such as the question has been pending, the company’s vision, have a strong sense of identity and mission, all actions focus on the fundamental interests of the company. Each one of us to accept and take on to achieve corporate goals and improve operations to help improve the effectiveness of the work of other employees and their respective responsibilities. We are within the scope of the respective responsibilities of leaders to work in the spirit of dedication to bear the responsibilities of leadership positions. The work we have a clear understanding of objectives, by focusing on the overall situation, the pooling of resources and improve their own quality to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.

·Collaboration integrity
We have a serious attitude to do the right thing, advocating an open and direct communication, frank others, to keep its word and abide by discipline. We take every action to make every decision, uphold the company’s values and principles. We insist on the attitude of seeking truth from facts, to speak with facts and data and an accurate assessment and awareness of risk. Our self-respect and respect for others as we would have been treated the way to treat others. We trust their ability and intention to carry out the full mandate. We believe in, trust can be the best performance. Mutual support and cooperation we share knowledge, information and technology; resolve the conflict persist in a win-win strategy; to share responsibilities and results; the active participation of the team has a clear goal.

·The pursuit of excellence
We have done so in clear target to quantify the results-oriented, results-oriented. We take responsibility for the results to be the most important thing to do the best. We have a strong desire to actively strive for success and continuously improve the level of performance to win the market. We seek a high degree of professionalism, quality standards in all aspects of a consistent, do not accept mediocre performance. Our quest for a perfect concept, reflected in the details unique, multi-step. When we talk about self-consciously, to achieve self-management. We have the courage to take risks and challenge the authority of innovation and breakthrough. LECMAG focus on self-improvement, advocating learning anytime, anywhere. We are happy to share knowledge and ideas, successes and failures, opportunities and development.

Summarization of Enterprise Culture:

“Team spirit, omitting failure, keeping improving, customers first”

1. Team Spirit : Team spirit or Team cooperation is the biggest drive which make the company overcome all difficulties and win the game again and again. In our team, each one is equal, whether it is director or employee. We view the relation of managing and being managed as the relation of cooperation and link between the upriver and downriver. We don’t believe the authority and just believe the fact and deed. We have the same aim. And the honors belong to all.

2. Omitting Failure: On the way toward the victories, we will meet all kinds of failure. But we won’t be discouraged. In our eyes, Failure is the step to success. The more failure, the closer success. We can face failure. We can go forward bravely. We allow our staff to have failure but we ask our staff to draw lesson from every failure.

3. Keeping Improving: We may make mistakes in our work. We need to keep improving our working ways to satisfy our customers. And we should keep improving our technology to ensure quality and grasp the high quality products market. We keep learning the effective working ways and advanced technology from our rivals, customers and international partners, etc.

4. Customer First: Customers are our company’s greatest fortunes. What we have done, are doing and will do is to serve customer and meet customers’ requirement. Customers’ satisfaction or unsatisfaction is the only standard to show our work right or not. The company and its staff are living for customers.