Since 2006, the Ningbo LEC magnetic technology co.,ltd.has been committed to permanent magnet development. Our customer groups are broad, from overseas as well as domestic which are listed on the stock exchange, mostly in the industry of servomotors, medical equipments, traditional DC motors, computers, audios, optical instruments, cell phones, motorcycles, vehicles, and wind power generators. Other industries in which we have considerable numbers of customers include magnetic chucks, solenoid valves, microphones, magnetic tools, and gift packing etc.

We offer all kinds of professional magnetic production lines of different specifications, ranging from NdFeB, ferrite, bonded magnet, samarium cobalt, AlNiCo, to rubber magnets. In addition to selling magnetic materials, we are also capable of making customized special components for our clients.

Furthermore, we have obtained various professional quality certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949, SGS, and RoHS. Thus, we have always received an outstanding reputation from our clients about our rigorous screening system and reliable quality control. Even meticulous Japanese companies and German customers are agreeable and satisfied with our quality and professional services.

We trained the best team, who believe in integrity services and mutually beneficial professionalism, providing excellent quality, timely delivery, reasonable prices, and a variety of superb services. We are particularly good at helping R&D teams to develop new products. With years of experience in magnetic materials, we work closely with our clients to accomplish one development project after another.

The Ningbo LEC magnetic technology co.,ltd.'s professionalism and quality services in the magnetic field have attracted customers from all over the world. We sincerely hope we have chance to provide you further services and relevant information. We would like to extend our welcome to those who are browsing our products on this website. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.